The hallowed ground

Standing on the hallowed ground 

I look above and all around 

And feel the magic touch 


It comes to share the feelings grand 

The crowd no more within its stands 

As dusk replaces day 


So much of meaning came before 

Now just a memory - times of yore 

Held within their land 


I’ve walked with others – one – the same 

Experienced the joy – the fame 

And cheered as victory’s claimed 


A stadium – respect displayed 

From one – from all – no-one will fray 

A sombre note of grace 


And all the time I share the view 

With strangers – common thread – with you 

And impart a warm embrace 


Can sport bring us this joy we share 

And lay emotion clear and bare 

Or does the sunshine bring a dream 

And leave us to wonder what could be 


Yet in the end the crowd decide 

That what was lost in times awry  

Now have been found with brighter sun 

We gather – share – and love – as one 

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