To smell the rose

She was walking down the parklands (an esplanade beside the water) With the joy of boundless children playing freely in the park The water breeze was slowing – (though not the joy from sunshine dancing) The far horizon (it drew nearer) as she stopped to smell the rose


No longer do I travel far Or shed the world I stood to view No longer do I move outside The land I yearned and crooned and streamed No longer do I love for sake (True love found in inner feeling) No longer do I seek success Or look to sunshine’s inner glow For it … Continue reading Angst


Freedom stood upon the mountain top, to view the rising sun, That day he felt happy walking tall and straight. The sun brought warmth to the travails of His fight, A fight He'd surely ne'er for granted take. Freedom looked down toward the villagers. Within their village many roamed carefree. But unlike Freedom, they were unaware What they … Continue reading freedom