sweet sunshine

A moonlit shadow appeared that dark night,
Bright as ever was the sunburnt day.
Hail sweet sunshine, with a smile.
Dark, grey cloud, suspend, delay.

Serendipitous was the chance encounter,
Surreptitiously he left.
Hark at the raindrops, softly, sweetly.
Awaken, she did, surprised, bereft.

Raindrops developed into thunder,
Lightning followed a partner's twist.
Sweet sunshine, smile, now asunder,
Replaced with frown, between, betwixt.

'Arise from melancholia,' the lover said,
'Never again alone you'll be.
My love is boundless, no need to dread.
Sweet thing please have mercy on me.'

Lightning, thunder, fade away,
Raindrops, with sunshine, now re-traced.
My heart and your heart, one and the same -
Be still my sweetheart, always remain.

True to oneself, true together,
Beyond the moonlit shadow, we disappear.
Doubt gone, certainty returned -
Love me forever. I shed a tear.

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