Beyond the voice

Travelling far from anywhere
The silent township it was reached
Thoughts were far from anything
Only to be found under feet.

'Waste not want not,' she doth cry
A whisper from a quiet voice
'Waste not want not,' before he died
Enduring be the summer sky.

The bright blue sky, the summer sun
The only real companion
Was the whisper merely a dream?
Had life stalled, was it really stagnant?

She went to the place her loved one was buried
Never afraid to walk with the dead, alone
She went to see the one she saw every day
He held in his hand the family stone.

As he came and as he went
It was never far away
But when he fell he fell afar
Ne'er to come back, with him it stayed.

It's distance always troubled her
For near, 'til now, had always been
Now distance sourced her own frustration
Never again would it be seen.

But seeing it wasn't everything
She still heard his voice beyond the grave
Like a bird's voice heard at sunrise
Like a lover's heart one can't see but craves.

Was this what one should take away
From this silent, distant land?
Would one learn from few what one could not from many
On a day when Yonder reached with single hand?

The sign said; 'Please minimise noise'
But no-one could be seen or heard
The traffic lights were covered over
Cattle was the only herd

Visitation of old friends
Always welcomed, set one straight
Locked out like danger, nearby, threatened
All to do was sit and wait.

Ought one stay the course that day?
Supposition being one's first approach
Is ignorance bliss if attention stifled?
Or should the subject, after all, be broached?

Always told to err on side of caution
Manners first and foremost yet
Behold societal intuition
Never hath it failed yet.

'Twasn't 'til I left the ground
That I felt in full control
'Twasn't 'til the fire burned
That I felt in air I could surely stroll

Through the valleys where the wine did grow
From up above it seemed surreal
Thinking sweet nothings, 'twas the season
All left to do from above was feel.

Flying high in calm of basket
Leaving grounded life away
At peace, and quiet, above the clouds
Sun rose to officially start the day.

Harvest reap, may it be sweet
Ignorance is never bliss
Only then can I walk away
The day being like one's first kiss.

Hark - do not dwell, do not fester
Look beyond and one will see
Above the clouds the day will dawn
May the sun that's rising shadow me.

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