Poem – I go with you

I am going nowhere

Unless I go with you

You are my light upon the hill

You are the morning dew

I am your hill-view drive

You are my avenue

You are my midday sunshine

You are as bright as sky is blue

I am the valley you traverse

You are my mountain view

You are the sweetest thing I ever saw

You are all there is that’s true

I am your rainbow after rain

You are my coloured hue

You are serenity lying next to me

You are my many and the few

You are the only one that understands

You never misconstrue

You are my raison d’etre

I have all I need in you

You are my concession when I fail

You are forgiveness, through and through

I am your life-long friend and lover

There’s no ‘me’ without there being a ‘you.’

You are my reflection in the lake

I lend my heart only unto you

You’ll be the hand I grasp when I dissolve

Your loving touch I hold onto

You stood by me in times of pain

You’ll always love me, and I you

Save my soul forever more

Let’s begin our love affair anew.


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