Poem – Pictures and words

Words, they drew me unto you

An easel read to me

A letter, brush

A page, a stroke



Delight, to write

A bird, in flight

A feather on the floor


Chapter, aloud

In front of crowd

More come through open door


Sit anywhere

Drawn to share

On easel is a portrait


Words on page

Centre stage

Organise, arrange and sort it


Music, art

Comes from the heart

Healthy life, its own prescription


Word-smith, thrive

Whence we derive

To reach a new conclusion




Reflect and reap and sow


Children’s eyes

An alibi

Anxious they are to grow




Brush in warm and soapy water


Beginner’s art

The place to start

Says mother to her daughter


Words and pictures

Building bridges

Sister walks with brother



Doesn’t go

(Need both to show)

Can’t have one without the other

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