Poem – Blood

An eerie sound of silence

Came over the sky

Standing just inside the door

Not knowing what I’d find


A couple lying out of bed

On top of bed-sheets, I was told

Strangers that had left a thread

Betwixt – between the fold


Was this my lot, was this my place

Nothing natural ‘bout this race

Afraid of conflict (seen on my face)

Was this where I should be?


Uncertain what I could detect

Mirrored scene it would reflect

Unbeknownst, portray, suspect

Suddenly, no clearer


Like a possum, on the road

No-one cared they’d met their own

Didn’t matter they were shown

Lady – naked, bare


From lovers’ tryst to homicide

Evidentiary preparation

From grist in mill, silent, still

Suppository objurgation


Ask not what others deem be fair

Evidence be gained, facts not spared

Lovers lives, they be repaired

Silence heard them cry


Be the one to distort

Be the quiet, nee, the silent, sort

Prey, don’t deem to report

What’s been lost by me


Lovers lay there, naked still

Homocide, self-harm (we never will)

Others yet to have their fill

For what’s been lost at sea.

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