This life of I

This life of ‘I’ is a life of ‘am’

and I cannot live gluten-free

sweet embellishments when in your world

and spring will help me pass the brood

she waits with patience – lures longing

too long I thought yet so rewarding

that it would catch me in the race

to fashion feeling’s mirrored face

like a facade spent time perfecting

only to be thrown reflecting

the truer self spent time researching

behind the gestures meant to fray

a (sense) of yes and who I am

a life lived now but one that spans

a (sense) of right and wrong and black and white

defer the build yet spend erecting

one brick then another laid

a truer ‘I’ in life worth living

I can live off your creation

as autumn’s fall is colour’s station

open windows wide on windy days

and batten hatches when it’s warming

you waited for me without fussing

too long I thought yet so rewarding

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