hop to it; he says romping bounding and bouncing

springing into the water gambolling from grass

a frolic – your frisky when dancing and prancing

others have left – cavorting – we’re last

when others fail to do what can be done

making nothing of something and neglecting the one

playing and leaping and splashing and dancing

into the water gambolling and prancing

when all others defer we stand alone

cajoling and fondling and showing affect

when others say ‘no’ we say ‘yes’ over again

giving and sharing when others deflect

it’s time; I tell you; it’s up in the air

put your hand in the way – you jump

(it’s life you are catching)

in some sort of trance the others lie sleeping

you spring into the water with a frolic and frisk –

you spring into the water gambolling like this…

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