Sipping nectar

I come to share your wisdom

Your knowledge and goodwill

I come because I heard your call

A folly bared – until

I come to share in melody

And harmony and song

I come because I know you know

That I know I belong

I come to share affection

In a river I’d disowned

I come because that river shares

An image all my own

I come to love and lure

And live in romance found

I come because I have been

For too long underground

I come to build a home

In a village that built me

I come because that village stands

By the river by the sea

I stay because I’ve blossomed

And because this place is ours

Where we’ll interlace our fingers

And spend our waking hours

And when we fall asleep –

On your pillow it will be

Your arm rests on my shoulder

(like a petal under bees)

Like the sipping of the nectar

Sweet new life will fall upon

A subtle nuanced love that goes

On – and on – and on.

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