worldly wise

Worry not – for I am here my love
Be sad if one need be
Yet do not yearn
For yearning sobers any man
From the bluest sea the bluer sky
And Earth shall always soil
When it’s brown
Problematic moments come and go
So go – away – be gone
No more a star but just a wretch
Can anyone disturb the fickle sound of don’t
Only to discern a hollow sense
Of what is wrong and who shall be
Go – away – be gone – afar and now
Happy is a simpleton – not I
Be happy and be ignorant
Of what the world holds dear in little hands –
Choices and companions
And the art of true belief
If e’er proven to be worthy of itself
Accept but once one knows
Simple will be shown to be a lurgy
And a lark so woebegone
What of Earth and worldly view –
Methinks we think too much or not at all
Surrender to the other means
Of worry minus problem –
Pray be pleased
And when we fall we fall for goodness
Ne’er for bad –
For bad be but a better side of poor
And sad and sadness pray for all
So in the end and then before
Like now – we worry not
False pleasure dies an ugly death at sea
But not for me –
For pleasure in companionship be true
A pleasure shared with me and ne’er undue
As sorrow’s loss is gain
Which I had earned
And pleasure on this Earth
Is yes well-learned
Well-learned to be from
Darkest sight of grey
When cloud will shed a tear and cry
Until the water drowns a crowd
A crowd that goes away before
It clusters like a group
And sheds – despairs
Of story told
An essence of history foretold
But not to last
As history reworked is e’er too fast to lose
Any sense of wisdom or of sage
It ne’er do well in this fine age
So what of what I say –
Make any sense or garbled so
Philosophise writings long ago revised
What meaning means the most
In your fair eyes 
The truth – the truth
Devoid of any lies my love –
My love is all you need
(it’s no surprise)

My love is all you need
For worldly wise. 

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