Those I know

  I stand before the solitude
Of life with nothing in it
And look into the deepest well
Run dry over the season
And as I look I think and dwell
Of anything beyond it
Horizons yet to spark a light
Or freeze the nightmare of it
I sound a warning to the sky
And thunder comes responding
And makes mud of the driest lawn
And stops me from my wandering
Yet I still wonder what may come
In dreams and truth well past it
So I sit up and speak aloud
To no-one’s sound or sonnet
Come and share what I believe
And enter worlds above it
Once upon a time a little girl
With full dress and a bonnet
Smiled in her time of want
A time that drew upon it
Her sense revealed of good and bad
To philosophise – abscond it
Her love I came to share and witness
All the wonders of it
I kneel and pray this bright fine day
Only you will live within it
And as I stroll and think some more
Of all that came before it
I draw a breath and wish the best
To those I know call for it
And rarely in this wondrous place
Can I come to lose it
For I have earned the simple things
That last if I should choose it
They come in facets and in forms
With readership I own it
Though written many years ago
It takes a lifetime to bestow it

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