Somewhat wobbly

I stand, somewhat wobbly, on my feet
The morning post the night before
I haven’t had enough to eat
A liquid diet (need some more)

I down a glass in earnestness
And sense objection in your eyes
Don’t rid me of my pleasantness
Or you’ll regret what you decry

Weakened, I sit on the couch
And watch a bit of Morning Show
What did he say (I tend to slouch)
And listen on a need-to-know

Relaxed I ask; what brought me here –
For what and why and where (and how)
Out opened window flies all fear
(The dog’s bark, the cat’s meow)

My silence broken by a noise
I think I hear the doorbell ‘thring’
I wonder whether it’s a voice
(Must I get up and halt that ding)

I feel a lurch that drags my arm
(Get off that couch, you sloth-like thing)
I feel them urging when I can’t
It’s time for you to stop that ring

Still wobbly, I move to the door
And look around for signs of life
Where have they gone, they are no more
(Chagrin replaced with pure delight)

I couldn’t care for them today
(The sunlight hurts my tired eyes)
I close the drapes, and darkness plays
With those outside (their own surprise)

I pull the blanket over me –
Turn off the TV (snug and warm)
I close my eyes and start to dream
Life outside (a thunderstorm).

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