They had it all – but nothing as well

(Unable to finish a single row)

They had everything – and nothing to tell

A little time lived a long while ago

They had what they wanted but not what they saw

(Desire reaps envy in all that they yearn)

Avariciously craving for more than can be

A little time known – a long while to learn

They saw others with better than any a day

And asked for another to make up some space

Falling by wayside on road to where to

A little bit filled – a long while to face

Tomorrow comes fast but lasts barely enough

(Jump to the sign of a sun filled with more)

Dark – an enigma – enough yet to gain

A little more wanted – a long while enthralled

They knew others with plenty yet asked of themselves

Why bother to chase – it’s a mystery turn

Take less to retain and give more to impart

Don’t care for enough – desire should burn

Though others had more than a smile to be

Feelings add meaning to what they can count

Run away, run away, run higher to see

Enough is enough when you stand on the mount.

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