the shallow lake

I stand beside the shallow lake

The water fading fast

And hark back to times of yore –

They seem so far apart

They were days of laughter and of joy

Replaced by solemn face

Reflected as the water fades

Distorted – fading grace

The face I see is old and gaunt

The face I knew was bright

I stand beside the shallow lake

Unclear in waning light

My hand it reaches up to feel

The lines I once knew not

The wrinkles and the double chin

How quickly time forgot

How quickly time will pass for worse

Youth gone for good it seems

But then a tap on shoulder felt

My eyes – they turn and gleam

Suddenly a girl I thought

Departed lifetime’s call

Like a rose – a bud that blooms

From flower it may fall

I see my hand – as calm as if

With strength displacing fear

Grasping her waist and then with rose

A smile doth appear

It happens that the trickling stream

Illuminates the face

That girl – the sweetest bud I’ve known

Replenishes the lake.

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