as blonde as a golden summer

We make decisions every day

That impact people’s lives –

Yet how liable are we

For the outcome

Get the camera; someone shouts

From too close for safety’s sake

Hold the children – run, run, run

And shy away from danger

He fell to ground – she looked behind

And saw him die (but in an instant)

A black child in a black man’s world

Her – as blonde as a golden summer

How dare I look the way I do

How dare I survive it –

Ill-equipped inside of me –

I’m bad luck – bad luck – (I thrive it)

The mirror waited for repose

What to do to raise the ire

She cut her locks as short as short

And bleached them (red as tribal fire)

And from repose she met unrest

And wrapped her arms around it

Where have you been (here all along)

Why did I take so long to recognise it

The fire – burning – burning bright

So bright its flames changed colour

And after all – the flames they turned

As blonde as a golden summer

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