it had been a cold and lonely winter

It had been a cold and lonely winter

yet the sunlight followed

her like a spotlight – and her face

spread joy like an infant child

Racing between thoughts

of yesteryear and the here and now –

she pondered over the love she knew

(once – and long ago)

And the happiness that traced

her back to when enough was

his hand in hers – and his

lips pressed against her own

Maturity brought with it

reflection – and acceptance –  

gracefully ageing through

the passage of time

When her arms wrapped themselves

around him – and her carefree disregard

of mortality spread cheer through the

veins of those who touched her soul

To a graceful time – in a graceful place

where the stone stairs led past

the taverna’s terrace- to the men

at the table – in the cafe – staring

At the woman in the silken blouse

wilfully standing in the quiet light of evening

casting a light upon her feelings –

strong – and joyous – emotive – and free

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