How could it be that talent

lost to us

in moments of such thoughtlessness


How could it be that we,

as humankind

naysayers all – yet all of

nascent kind

Turn one’s head until the dark cloud


in brightest sky alone is when

we shine

Forget one’s stance against ignominy

and bile

and let the path of horrid rage

be mine

For we rejoice in other’s stress –

so dire

yet ne’er despair when choice is seen

as wrong

So blatantly it seems and yet

with guile

the party grows that says the battle’s

to the strong

The war, perchance, may be the

longer version

taking more than words and weapons

to rejoice

But sagacity and a welcome sense

of reason

will transpose us all from haste

and give us voice

Our standing – in the end –

and by surprise

is hopeful and appealing –

like the tide

Come gather band of humankind –


let’s raise our hands and hope for

better yet.

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