Sundress with a smile

Man – he stood alone and stooped

Assistance offered by another man’s cane

Pedestrian pavement spoke to the street

As clever as clever as loud as vain

Eyes they darted here and there

Left – right – up – down

Unfamiliar a look on ageing face –

Wan smile replaced with ample frown

Can I help you sir; a young girl said

Frightfully surprising – a sour refrain

Hell no; blurted from despondent frame

Cheeks as red as white man’s blame

Her sundress worn with smile brave

As changing mood’s desire feigned

Expressions lost – sadness saved

From hurtful scene misfortune made

Sundress looked over left shoulder fast

He stood still and lonely in life he cast

How to get to where he am

Where to end – will lonesome last

A stroke of chin – a scratch of head

White man’s blame with cheeks of red

As humble a whisper as subtle unseen

Sundress with a smile instead

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