Building forever

A speckle of dust

Flies in his face

Defeating a smile

Standing aside

A wail of wind

Blows by his mind

Distracting a thought

Where frustration resides

A feast or a famine

Flooding rains or dry earth

Food thrown in the bin

A lone man is diving

Cherish the lentils

The taste on the tongue

A tree falls in the night

The lone man is surviving

Time comes to visit

Warp speed falls asleep

Sitting – just sitting

Devoid of surmising

The air is stripped bare

Eyes closed to one’s anger

The man looks above

What he sees is surprising

He comes to the doorway

Of too much or too little

From forehead to stomach –

Defying his vow

Building forever

And always and lasting

When always is ever

And ever is now

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