The envy of mi sun

Oh leaf, oh leaf

Become a bud

That brings promise with ease

Oh bud, oh bud

Become a flower

Yearned for, cherished, seen

Flower, flower

Blooming bright –

Rest your head on mi

Flower, flower –

Wilting kite –

Oh, mortality!

Oh water mi

Sweet angel

Day after day goes by

Oh water mi

The soul of life

Eternal sprung from dry

A droplet

Brings thy truth

As the budding flower blooms

Truth brings a soul


An angel in the room

Bring thy Spring

To Winter

A perennial, ye grow

Open the leaf

In sunlight

And bring thy afterglow

Wilt no more,

Oh flowered seed

Darling bud so dearly loved

Thou art the angel

Of min eye,

The envy of mi sun.

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