To others there is sunshine
to me all there is is but a cloud
they sense happiness and joy surrounds them
yet all I sense – I sense is but a shroud

I pull you in beside me
you move further – further – you move away
you tell me our moment will not come
others declare their moment is today

I may as well converse alone
your voice – your voice has been mislaid
I dream of surprise in my tomorrow
you seem lost – yes lost – in your dismay

I sense a smile is within
but your lips turn upside – upside down
I sense a bright horizon
but see the darkness – darkness of your frown

Is it that I have lost my way
or is your path – your path just like a pall
I want so much to see you fly the wind
yet you fall – you fall – just like before

You lie there – wanting – wanting – on the ground
I pick you up and cry – 
darling – oh sweet darling –  
come to my foreverland and fly!

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