Cherry blossom

Hours past since he 
had written words 
as sweet as sunshine - 
a cherry blossom 
shared between
two lovers safe in bed - 
opening the 
wonder of a world 
distraught with pain

That pain had stayed 
away from their ‘Juliet’ – 
the balcony beside
the doorway by the 
window in the sun - 
a sense of true compassion – 
the romancing of ‘one’

She came – her 
eyes were shining – 
a ‘good year’ had 
wrapped around him – 
he wore an English 
vest he dearly loved 
(like French wine 
and summer rain)

Under the umbrella 
at a table at a movie 
in the garden by 
the doorway to 
their villas sense of good – 
the pleasantness of 
Sunday on the road they 
took because they could

His body one with 
hers - they undressed
(this time in moonlight) – 
and drank themselves 
silly – (enjoying the 
festivities of glee) - 
French wine and summer 
rain in their villa 
by the sea. 

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