And then there were none

Ten little children

all in their prime

one got lost in a tunnel

and then there were nine

Nine little children

learning to skate

one fell down the mountain

and then there were eight

Eight little children

thinking of heaven

one was called far too early

and then there were seven

Seven little children

playing with sticks

one was poked in the eyeball

and then there were six

Six little children

into the pool they all dive

one did a belly-flop

and then there were five

Five little children

wanting for more

one asked once too often

and then there were four

Four little children

up in a tree

one lost his balance

and then there were three

Three little children

playing with glue

one stuck his hands to the road

and then there were two

Two little children

swimming under the sun

one swam into a rip

and then there was one

One little child

jumping for joy (he had won)

he fell off his pedestal

and then there were none.

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