Hannah and Holly and Jade and Jen

Hannah and Holly and Jade and Jen 
walked from the hills 
to the shore in the sun 
for a swim

Hannah blew bubbles 
and sang a tune - 
then the others joined in 
and they played til noon

They’d frolic and gambol 
whilst down by the sea
as the sun cracked a smile
as wide as can be

They had not a worry
not a worry at all - 
they were young and carefree,
they were having a ball

Hannah and Holly and 
Jade and Jen 
then packed up their things 
and made for home

In twilight they pondered 
days lying ahead – 
knowing they’d keep 
each and all from alone

And as their eyes tired 
and  they lay down in their beds
they knew tomorrow would welcome 
them all in their stead

Welcome to hope and to joy
and to laughter as well
what a story those girls
would be able to tell.

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