Harper Lee

I turned the computer on this morning only to see the announcement of Harper Lee's death. What a legend of the literary world! Her writing encouraged tolerance and understanding of difference, and to never abide by hate. A quote was included in the article I read attributed to her; I hoped for a little but … Continue reading Harper Lee

far horizon

Butterfly in shimmering light, Garden blooming in new season. Kookaburra, sitting, soulful - Poignant is the far horizon. Orchid flowers, life awakens, The day grows ever longer. Shadows present, Sunshine alightens, Prodigious is her effort, action. Human in kind, Love we find In simple, pleasant things. Far horizon, ever closer, Droplets they descend. Life, we wish … Continue reading far horizon


Freedom stood upon the mountain top, to view the rising sun, That day he felt happy walking tall and straight. The sun brought warmth to the travails of His fight, A fight He'd surely ne'er for granted take. Freedom looked down toward the villagers. Within their village many roamed carefree. But unlike Freedom, they were unaware What they … Continue reading freedom