Poem – But once…

Tell me that the Earth is round
I'll convince you it is square
Tell me there's justice in the world
I'll tell you it's unfair

Tell me to sit down
I'll surely want to stand
Tell me you prefer the hills
I'll run along the sand

Tell me; turn toward the right
I'll move further to the left
Tell me they have wealth, with plenty
I'll show you someone who's bereft

Tell me government's for the people
I'll say; the people think it's not
Tell me you cannot remember
I'll say; dear, you just forgot

Tell me you're a teetotaller
I'll admit I like a drink
Tell me you work out at the gym
I'll say; I like to sit and think

Or tell me you prefer a beer
I'll say; I would rather wine
Tell me you want to order fish
I'm bound to say; meat's fine

Tell me you want to see the world
I'll say; I prefer to stay at home
Tell me you message via text
I'll admit I prefer the phone

Tell me you've seen the city's tallest building
I'll show you one that's taller
Tell me you saw a dwarf, real small
I'll point out one that's smaller

Tell me you have vertigo
I'll prove I have no fear
Tell me feelings are things you cannot show
I'll be sure to shed a tear

Tell me some are yet to cross the line
I'll tell you they crossed over
Tell me you don't believe in luck
I'll pick a four-leaf clover

Tell me you like suit-and-tie
I'll dress casual for sure
Tell me you would like two kids
I'll say that I want four

Tell me the baby cannot crawl
I'll show you it can walk
Tell me the baby's yet to speak
I'll say that it can talk

Tell me you're an out-going girl
I'll admit to you I'm shy
Tell me you're in it for what you get out
I'll say; now, that's the reason why

Tell me you are God's creation
I'll say; Mother Nature played a part
Tell me you'll leave me here, alone
I'll jest; you have no heart

Tell me you've had many lovers
I'll admit to just a few
Tell me they meant nothing to you
I'll say; the one for me was you

Life comes but once to you and me
If I propose, you will say; no
I'll treat you fondly, ever-more
To you, my heart will go.

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