Poem – the world beyond the fatal shore

The world beyond the fatal shore
Not like the world in days before
Danger we could glean

Danger knows not, of hill-top morn'
Or life of old-country, worn
Hard yakka it had been

But enough of hills, enough of grass 
You knew young love would never last 
Life offers so much more

Past the dip, a rip, a mystery
That drew me to the fatal sea
And back toward the shore

The shore knows not of ocean, sought
And knowing not of what it brought
And nil of harbor fore

Leave harbor fore, explore beyond
Hurry, scamper, go, abscond
And travel far from here

Travel further than you thought
To see where sacrifice, it fought
To see where life was fear

Breathe in the air, forget your task
Keep filtered with a hip, a flask
Forget about your chores

That he would, with glass and lid
Atop the glass, filled to the brim
Life brought a world, unknown

Fit as a right old mallee-bull
The curtain, not yet down to pull
Excitement on the phone

It drew him far, drew him away
His stomping ground was shaken, frayed
He'd never be the same

It drew him, portrait-like, with pride
Stomping ground to other side
Alive he felt, again

Breathe it in m'lad, it's now or none
Or you'll never know where life begun
Or, oh, to where it lead

Suck it up, m'lad, m'son
In mug or cup, you know you won
A life by family creed

That creed be one of loyalty
Not God-forsaken misery
We ought to feel alive

So, feel free to stay or go afar
Keep our secret in a secret jar
Enjoy, be happy, that you are
For God's sake, let us thrive!

4 thoughts on “Poem – the world beyond the fatal shore

      1. Lol
        I did say “over here” didn’t I?
        By over here I mean my community, a small town in Nigeria. I believe you know where Nigeria is right?
        I’m not trying to be mean, I just get “ooh Nigeria? Is that in Asia?” too many times.
        Hope that cleared things up


    1. Maybe some people should buy themselves a globe or an atlas – I have another ‘follower’ from Nigeria and hear a little on world news about the ‘goings on’ over there – take care | all the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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