Poem – The hand I held

A touch that brings compassion

A twinkle in the eye

The arm, e’er so tender

The touch that’s felt is mine.

Stairs, to door, lead to course

Friendly strangers wave

Have I been living, anonymously?

Companionship is saved.

A crack when club meets ball

Its seamless, silent, fate

Hands on wheel, foot to floor

Then perambulate.

Gates – boom, crash, opera

Signage behind bush

Directionlessly navigate

Got out, when stopped, to push.

The river-boat floats by

As we partake in kind

Sometimes I sit and think deep thoughts

Today I sit and find

There’s no place for thoughts this day

Banned from life, for good

Well, maybe not for good, I say

But for now, relaxing mood

Village, shopping, smile seen

The further north I came

At home no-one acknowledged me

New attitude in vain.

Village, shopping, smile seen

Not a penny spent

Thai restaurant chief with sense of humor

There, again, I went.

Beautiful one day and the next

Boat resting on the sea

Family nearer every day

Compassion nearer me.

That day when the penny dropped

My future written for

Import gleaned, shining through

Away again? No more!

The eyes that looked me in the eye

They twinkled, then I knew

What was north of the divide

Was the hand I held – was you.

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