Poem – Swings and round-a-bouts

Happiness found in day at Fair,

Worry left at home.

Sadness knocking on neighbour’s door

As Concern’s left lying on the floor.


Excitement joins Happiness at the Fair –

Anxiety lost along the road –

Sleeplessness found in another’s bed –

Loneliness’ is Gloom – Gloom sees red.


Delight joins his friends at Fair,

Tiredness found in nursing home.

Obsession lost in shopping mall,

Misfortune, clumsy, took a fall.


Delirium hops on round-a-bout,

Happiness, Excitement, watch and shout.

Pessimism, ill at home, sheds tear –

Apprehension crashes into Fear.


Exhilaration on slippery slope, enthused,

Delight, Delirium watch on.

Displeasure sick, taking pills,

Misery rugged up warm, with chills.


Paradise at Fair, mates join the throng,

Harmony sings a happy tune –

Optimism enters their world to share

Their pure amusement at the Fair.


At home they live in ‘nother world –

Hope lost in spate of Sorrow, Gloom

Whilst the friends at Fair, from swing, get down

They laugh aloud, run into Clown.


Paradise yelled out; ‘We’re home, at last

At the Fair we had a blast!’


‘But we saw Phobia along the way.

He jumped the fence to get away –

Misery loves company, they say.’


Around the house was the smell of Fun

Displeasure, Pessimism, Misfortune, gone

Cloud went too –

As Sunshine shone.

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