Poem – The lifeline

Once the lifeline gave to me

A chance to start again

I couldn’t turn back away

I couldn’t say just when


The world had come to greet me

The earth had come to see

Whatever it offered as reward

Was what we’d keep for free


But how did we get that reward

That never seemed to pay

What would be on the side of less

Who wouldn’t stay away


Build on a life where lived pride

Build the house where I’d reside

Stand together, then succeed

Stand alone, then die


Death had come to visit

When it was life I want to see

One stronger than the other

Only one a part of me


But the road to death was long and far

Be one for all, be who you are

The road to death was stifled

By life, an open jar


Travelled, far and long to solve

In the heat and in the cold

Uphill and across the dale

Only to absolve


I could not imagine what I’d find

Were I to travel to the other side

A life, unknowing, in the past

Footsteps following my ride


Be strong when outside forces grab

A ladle, handle, jolly bag

Enticing back to fatal sea

To mis-take life for bad


You’ll be who you always were

To good character, I refer

To better judgement I accede

Comply, consent, defer


Give in only when ready, set

Time, it isn’t up just yet

Give to others if to get

What truly you deserve


When it’s time up, they’ll greet you like a star

Family will know just who you are

Tell what secrets’ stored away

They’ll visit from afar


Oh captain, oh captain, never fade

Join in life’s Great Parade

Be the master of your soul

Don’t shy away or be afraid


Live and learn, it matters not

Sweet memories, ne’er forgot

Until it’s time to meet your fatal shore

Back from coffin to the cot.

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