Up or down?

just when a ‘we’

becomes ill-defined

we look up to the valley

and down to the sky                                            

just when an ‘us’

hides behind a facade

we look behind the horizon

and beyond the yard                                           

and we find a ‘why’ and a ‘what’

and a ‘when’ and a ‘how’

as we stumble and fumble

to reach here and now                                        

so a ‘you’ and a ‘me’

can become ‘us’ with glue

and togetherness cries

until ‘we’ make a two                                          

who soar in delight

and ask; ‘how did we do’

stick to ‘us’ known as one

made of ‘me’ and of ‘you’                                  

and just when a ‘we’

is truly defined

we look down to the valley

and up to the sky  

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