Kia Kaha

I was sitting
at the benchtop
watching TV
during lunch
when I saw
a politician
give a speech.

She was talking
of the terror
of danger
and of death
of a lone wolf
who would suffer
due to no-one
but himself.

He had traipsed
into a mosque
and opened fire
on the throng
shedding fear
and loathing
on the town.

He had trained
he had taught himself
to maim the many –
innocents – all
their religion
during prayer.

Come pray with me
come pray with me
grant wisdom faith
and bless
lives cut short –
such futility
in death.

How and why
oh why oh why
had it come to this?

A quiet township
strewn by violence –
terror in extreme
what brought you here
(barely to be seen)?

ruined daylight
a blackened
sickened soul.

Oh Christchurch
dear beloved
Kia Kaha
one and all.


In memory of the fallen
at the hand of utter evil.

Christchurch, New Zealand
15th March, 2019
(our friends, our family)

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