a tear

I stood upon a road
I never knew existed
And found a pathway for my feet
And like a seat I rested
Inquisitive as I’d become
I asked to where it led
Deciding then to traipse along
Until I reached my bed
Would it be my final pillow
Would I see old friends along
Would I stumble on an orchestra
That sang my favourite song
If I could bring a lonely soul
Would that lonely soul be you
As I reached the pier (with pathway lost)
I turned to face the view
The view was one of solace
Of majesty and light
I wrapped my arms around it
And then it left my sight
I stood – alone and lonely
In the darkest light of day
Following few stars (perusing)
I rest my head – and stay
A feather fell from nowhere
It fluttered ‘round my head
I reached – arms outstretched – to touch it
But it moved an inch instead
Its colours white and black –
I saw only shades of grey
Detrimental to my honour
My head drooped in dismay
Could it be that I’d learnt nothing
As I wandered there to here
Or was it a vibrant lesson
Of courage, ineptitude (and fear)
The end it could not justify
The means to get to here
So I rested on my pillow
(Damp) – I’d shed a tear. 

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