When life was young

There was peace one day
in a world where life was young

There was peace that day
when instruments would strum

There was peace the day
when hummingbirds had sung

There was peace; said they
when you and I would come

To the garden blooming
in the land of grace

The flower - blowing - 
in the wind - 
beside your face

And when you asked;
can lifetime slow its pace

A dance - a groom - a bride
now interlaced

I said; of course
and placed that flower in your ear

And you would glow
and dance without a fear

And when I said; must go
it's time my love

Adoration grew
and then you shed a tear

Stay and hold my hand
beyond tonight

It's you that sheds
the darkness of the night

I said; of course
aren't lovers meant as one

On the day of peace
(and well beyond)
when life was young

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