My laptop has been lonely

My laptop has been lonely.

I sit there in front of it and type away, creating one thing and then another to add to my little blog.

However, today is not one of those days.

In heat close to 100 degrees fahrenheit the last thing I feel like doing is sweating through a session of creativity. Yet the push is weaker than the pull. The fans are blowing in my direction and I feel obliged to let my little laptop have her moment in the sun.

Not literally of course, as that would be harmful to her health. If only I could give her a glass of water or something stronger to cool her down, or a short dip in the pool, but, alas, laptops are not obliged to such activities.

So as I feel for those of you in Minnesota, Moscow and Manchester, where the maximum temperature right now is three degrees celsius (or 37.4 degrees fahrenheit) please save some sympathy for my own good self, suffering through a Fall season nearing ninety-nine point nine fahrenheit degrees.

The heat, surely, is hot!

See you all next week – and in the meantime, be ever so creative, and always remember to dream the biggest dreams.

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