I stand above the solitude
Of life that brought me here

I wonder whether time surpassed
Will ever displace fear

I run and jump for eptitude
And stumble as I wave

I find a place to captivate
And so I stop to save

A feeling of a life to lure
And languish in lent love

By those who walk the wiser path
As velvet as the glove

In hand that fits another snug
And depends on both to be

The last vestige to be seen
When strolling out to sea

I stop and think of dreams to come
And time to render with

Sullen like old streams of sorrow
Like a lifetime through a sieve

But water-wells will save a thought
And build challenge faced anew

And delve into tomorrow-land
Away from glacial view

As ice will melt and weather warm
A semblance of surreal

The shadow seen in winter storm
The only face I feel

But what I feel – it is rock hard
With crevices to fall

An ogre to the erstwhile fan
Who stands in hollow hall

So where I go – where to from here
With you – or without

Whatever dreams may come my way
Delete my lasting doubt

And when the sun shines upon
And cloud is seen to leave

I’ll smile – sweet yet sensual
And love – and yes – believe

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