I walk beyond the fatal shore

to see what gaze can bring

and dance like a disciple

rescued by the leader’s ring

will he answer all my prayers

and welcome me to home

and be the man I always hoped

would save me from alone

the wind howls in the morning mist

and hollers strident dreams

when I walk past that fatal shore

nothing is as it seems

the distant cry from moonlit sky

the sudden chance that storm

would tolerate another cause

and keep so many warm

I hear it in horizons –

yet to see what can become

like a photographic still shot

abandoned by the sun

as I walk by it feels so shy

yet heats toward the core

sensing a shimmer out at sea

I’ll never want for more

and if my treasured trove is found

I’ll welcome others in

vow to remain a measured strain

absolved of all my sins.

Oh ye

Oh ye of little faith

Where has hope gone?

A smile doth be lost

Now only wan.

Is that all ye can stir

This full, bright day?

There must be more whence it came

To satisfy one’s love, come what may.

For without belief one’s hope is lost for good

Forever, now one’s faith be gone

And ye be destined to live alone anon.

The only hope is to begin anew

In which case hope, faith and belief will brew,

But charity in absentia remains,

For now there is no need.

On this full, bright day ye will see the sun

To allow us once more to love as one.


We remember the past,
Live through the present
And wonder about the future.

Life's been full of challenges
We've settled for what's expected,
Whilst we hope our future brings belief 
In special things, reflected.

The wonders of a world unknown,
The emotion of a feeling grown,
The excitement of achievement sown.
These are but some of those special things.

Enlightenment to what once was dark
The future may at times seem stark,
But with you in it we shine bright
Like a glistening star on a moonlit night.