He travelled far and near with her
to ranges and the ‘hood
he asked for simple things from life
and special things he could

They spoke of places they had been
and some to which they'd yet to stray
they spoke of the milk and honey – yes - 
they spoke of yesterday

Their fingers clasped – their bodies touched
their eyes drew sweet surprise
as tender as her supple lips - 
as warm as when inside

They thought of life when they first met
their feelings were the same
that newborn love – now cherished – blessed
in each other borne a name

So unfamiliar was the line - 
they walked it just as well
as years past they’d look back upon
with stories they could tell

Peculiar it may seem to some  
whose experience was few
yet familiar – so familiar
to the 'one' made from a 'two'

Once they had thought of life alone - 
but together – they would live it
and replay every single day
as warm as when within her.

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