Terrified, I looked beyond My ocean, river, Lake – my pond   Tentative, I thought I heard The high tide lap ‘gainst beach-heads prize   The rock jumps from the page. A vision’s sight With sty in eye   Urbanised, I look away – ‘Scraper, McMansion – Mortified   I reminisce in disbelief As faith … Continue reading Taken


Remind me to take instruction From the antonym of him To take my teachings from The supposition of a fact   Remind me to teach myself to learn From the better part of man Someone who can read and write Who has a lesson plan   Remind me ne’er to listen To the man who … Continue reading Teach


I never knew A harbour grew West of the sea I never thought I’d be caught With thee I’ve been in Other’s oceans But I’m enamoured In your sea May I share Your harbour Here, with thee? ‘Certainly;’ He said to me; ‘Welcome home.’ ‘Let’s stow-away, Together – All alone.’


Oh ye, what is left when hope is gone? Do belief, faith and charity, follow along? Devoid of sunlight, leaving only rain Like child, sole experience being pain   Doth we never see or hear again Feelings thought to be with us anon Pleasantly, enjoyment stolen from A world devoid of sunshine whence it came … Continue reading Asunder