Poem – Oliver

Oliver strolled to the highest mountain
To seek out a magical sight.
It was a mountain greener than the greenest of pastures,
It spoke of goodness and light.

From the mountain-top Oliver saw the cliffs,
Far to the west they stood.
On top a four-leafed clover found
By the wee man wearing a hood.

A clover was lucky, four-leaves to be sure,
So rare that to seek and to find
Would give good luck for time immemorially,
Attached to the finder and to his kind.

A wee little leprechaun has special powers to search
For what others find barely at all.
Faith, hope and love, a three-leaf clover can give
But the fourth leaf keeps one enthralled.

Oliver the shoemaker can hide the clover away
In his shoe, and there it will stay
Until others attach themselves to the little green man
And they try to take it away.

Then the others ask after the leprechaun’s gold,
Pots of it they think he does have.
“You’ll never take it away,” the little man says.
At the end of the rainbow it’s safe.

But the wee little man could not hide the truth,
A lie he never could tell.
So he moved his pot of gold from the end of the rainbow
Down to the water well.

The Jester had listened, intently he’d heard
All that had come from the ‘crowd.’
He had nothing to add other than harmony, verse
And with that he sang this out loud;

“Roll over, roll over, that four-leaf clover
Become the leprechaun’s friend
Roll over, roll over that four-leaf clover
Can’t wait to see Oli’ again.”

I walk the path.

I walk the solemn pathway all alone

Others care to join me

Engage in careless conversation

As we pass the foreshore, by the sea

More join our walk along the way

As we continue down the road

We talk sweet nothings, ‘hello how are you?’

We pass a frog by lake, or toad

But as they walk the road less travelled

They talk about news of the day

Freedom’s glare is fading from us

Will we confront or turn away?

The pathway comes to its first bend

Some walkers find it hard to counter

A storm following a sunny day

A drought follows storm, brings empty fountain

Questions arise as to the bend

Is it too large a turn to fathom?

Some pursue it, others fail

Turning back, can’t walk the trail

Those left on the path take the turn

The bend being not the journey’s end

Those left on the path, they protect

Their challenge rises, they defend

Safety, security, our foremost thoughts

Freedom pure for our sisters, brothers

Can we have our cake and eat it too?

Or must we have one without the other?

The walkers share thoughts, an expression

‘Freedom under threat,’ they think

Those willing stand to protect

No-one’s bettered freedom yet

Even so some shy away

Their feet, their body, can’t take the heat

They wrestle with what they ought defend

But feel the challenge too high for them to beat

Now few are left to walk the walk

Their voice it need be loud

The few left talking defend and fight

Will the voice of the few be drowned by crowd?

A crowd that will not walk the path

A crowd that will not share the stage

A crowd that takes free thought for granted

Is this the coming of freedom’s age?

Will freedom rise above, beyond?

The call of duty has no roar

Duty comes from heart and mind

Freedom is worth fighting for.


stand and deliver

Ask not what others can do for you

But what you can do for others

Be afraid of calm nonchalance

Be it from sisters or from brothers


Liberate from behind the veil

Abide by me, your soulful friendship

Ever welcome, desirous, cherished

In times material, narcissistic


Never one to fold the page of challenge

Or walk from discernment either

One may turn away if one desires

Or stay the course, stand, and then…,



the Spartan child

Protect the Spartan child on the mount

Bring him down the mount and back to health

Defend the warrior, enveloped in battle

Covertly, surreptitiously, by stealth


Be Provedore to the unprotected

Without they do not go nor suffer yet

Support the weak, coerced, from shame, deflected

Allow those outside, known, within to come


Destine the poor to rise again

Challenge, be it feted, to their station

To those less fortune, a lender be

From those less fortune, a debt repay


Challenge the strong, brave to be

The weak have mercy, ever thus

Open oneself to the child within

Altruism lends itself in times like these


Be not the one who turns away

Who turns his back to others left

Be not the one who shies, defrays

When the challenge rises, prey, be deft.


sweet sunshine

A moonlit shadow appeared that dark night,
Bright as ever was the sunburnt day.
Hail sweet sunshine, with a smile.
Dark, grey cloud, suspend, delay.

Serendipitous was the chance encounter,
Surreptitiously he left.
Hark at the raindrops, softly, sweetly.
Awaken, she did, surprised, bereft.

Raindrops developed into thunder,
Lightning followed a partner's twist.
Sweet sunshine, smile, now asunder,
Replaced with frown, between, betwixt.

'Arise from melancholia,' the lover said,
'Never again alone you'll be.
My love is boundless, no need to dread.
Sweet thing please have mercy on me.'

Lightning, thunder, fade away,
Raindrops, with sunshine, now re-traced.
My heart and your heart, one and the same -
Be still my sweetheart, always remain.

True to oneself, true together,
Beyond the moonlit shadow, we disappear.
Doubt gone, certainty returned -
Love me forever. I shed a tear.


Never before, once again

Away, at home, forever

Sincerely dishonest, as was before

Always, maybe, never


An honest liar, stubborn tolerance

To liberally legislate

Hedonistic stoicism

Accepting of difference and irate


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Out of sight means you’re out of mind

Forgetful of those not in our sight

What you see is all there is to find


Energetically sedentary,

A soldier of poverty I found

Giving to the wealthy, taxing the poor

Cruel to be kind, such thoughts abound


Do unto to others before they do unto you

Treat others as you’d treat yourself

Parental supervisory neglect

A librarian who leaves books on the shelf


A serious joke, an honest thief

Pain is required for pleasure

Happily sad, alone together

Sun proves we’re in for nasty weather


My day was busy doing nothing

We were ridiculously sublime

Clearly confused, alone together

Oxymoronically defined



A butterfly fluttering in the breeze,

A raindrop on a sunny day,

A rainbow bringing colour,

Telling rain to ‘go away.’

A long-awaited but stifling summer,

Of beachfront and of sand,

Of coral sea, of vacation,

Of time spent hand in hand.

Vintage wineries in the south of France,

Vineyards in Burgundy, and how?

Two romantic lust-struck lovers,

Living life for here and now.

Amour is the French word for ‘love,’

Irresistable, for sure.

Amour is the word that sends hearts aflutter,

‘I love you now, forever more.’

Peas and carrots

Peas, pod,

Carrots, bowl,

Sliced, boiled, life


Bread, toaster,

Toasted, plate,

Butter spread by knife


Water, kettle,

Boiled, mug,

Sugar. Milk or cream?


Coffee, tea

Decaf, black

Earl grey, breakfast, green


Never before

Forgot, remind

Twenty-four seven, time


Bomb, detonate,

Self-harm. Relate?

TV, Facebook. Mine


Broadcast, air

Surprise, unfair

Comprehend. Believe


Black, white,

Shades of gray,

Nothing’s certain. Grieve.



She strove to be the best that she could be,

Her foresight led as far as she could see.

She never felt out of depth, too far out to sea,

She never lost her sense of being with me.

Release me to the world as the one I truly am,

Deep in thought, in feeling, all because

I knew who I’d become, what I’d achieve –

If only I would think, feel, hope, believe.

These things today and evermore, they mean the world to me,

More so than in days of yore, I thought.

Youth was immature, precocious, life immortal,

Things later life replaced with Heaven sent.

For sense, common or otherwise, I trust

To hold dearly like a bosom to the bust.

Pray step, if only once, backwards, in reverse.

Then one is surely made to sing an acid verse.

Thought, feeling, common sense, emotion, love

May carry one ever closer, peace to dove.

For trying to encounter, assess the world

May only lead one to contradiction, lead to void.

A void in one’s life, as poor as feeling null

And null and void will make one feel devoid.

What does one require to relieve all doubt?

Then, only then, one be enamoured when without.

Speak, pray, love, believe and hope.

Hope, believe, love, pray, speak the joke.

Is laughter truly one’s only reward?

Is happiness the essence of the world?

The world, it be the same as it ever was,

Small to oneself, broader to the whole.

As one moves through life searching for the truth

One finds, then loses, then finds again, that truth.

And truth joins laughter as our real reward,

From a love lost, and found again, can we go forward.

Onward passage, onward ever thus,

Our future lies unknown to all of us.

in the breeze

The dawn it rose beyond reproach

The sun it shone so bright

The day it brought cloud then rain

The night was darkness, no moonlight

Wasn’t alone in assuming death

Was never far away

Wasn’t alone in assuming birth

Was distant this and other days

The truth be told if ever thus

The lies they fall asunder

The grey cloud between truth and lies

Close, it tried to plunder

‘Never assume,’ one said to thee

Accept not what one is told

Never share in falsehood, false glee

Reject what one is sold

The world beyond it fails us

It never treats us as it should

The world beyond it fails us

It shan’t be told what once it would

The mountain-top, the hills and valleys

Possess a challenge unto thee

The cavernous remains of bodies

In the recess of you, of me

Ask not of others what one doesn’t know

Ask not what one cannot see

Accept not what one cannot feel

Reject what one knows cannot surely be

The dawn it rose beyond reproach

The sun it shone but slight

The day brought with it false assumptions

Belief lost in the breeze that night.